As a full-service meeting planning and incentive travel company providing superior guidance throughout the entire planning process, IME Connect works to ensure the meeting or program exceeds all expectations and stays within budget. We know the value of a well-planned program – one that is consistent from beginning to end. We provide attendees with the necessary information and perceived value in the most productive and effective way. Our staff is dedicated to serving the interests and needs of our clients.

Here is what some of our customers are saying about our programs.

“The trip was over the top! Amazing place ….so pleasant to work with. Thank you for your help and coordination. You guys didn’t leave anything out. All the little touches you guys included made the trip something to remember. We appreciate your partnership.”

“I have been in training for the last two weeks in Dallas. I wanted to take the time to let you know how stellar and professional your staff has been this entire training. I cannot imagine the amount of logistics and organizing that goes into coordinating the mass amount of people through this complex process. Both have done an outstanding job in making sure that everything flows in a timely and orderly. Additionally, both handled issue, problem, or concern with grace and willingness to help. I hope that at future events, they are my event coordinators. You have excellent employees!!!”

“Thank you and your team for once again not only producing an amazing show and flowing with the punches but also being our support team and keeping us alive. You accommodate so much, make those last minute changes happen and keep us on point and that is invaluable!”

“….was absolutely tremendous in terms of all the help and assistance she provided. She certainly made my job easier and was always willing to go the extra mile to take some off my plate. I can’t say enough about her.  Just thought y’all should know.”

“…big Kudos ….She was awesome and a pleasure to work with.  She took great pride in her work and helped many people.  I would like to ask that we get her for future meetings if that is possible.  She is top notch!”

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate EVERYTHING the two of you did to make this a memorable trip for us and our customers. I honestly believe that it would not have gone as smoothly without your participation. Let’s be honest, I would not have had a clue as to how to plan everything! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

“I was really impressed with your work at the meeting last week. You and your staff took good care of me and my teammates and made the experience special for us. We are obviously very excited about the partnership … and it was nice to have our first together time with them be so welcoming. I credit that to their genuine enthusiasm and outreach and your special touches and high level of service.”

“Keep the programs rolling, they are much appreciated. Every detail was well thought out, loved the little touches like the chocolate covered strawberries! Thank you for an Amazing, Relaxing trip!”

“Thank-you. This was a super meeting. Well organized and super content. I appreciate everyone’s hard work.”

“Thank you so much! Had a great time – really appreciate this program. It is always in the back of your mind when purchasing large orders in hoping to reach your goal for a trip.”

“Thanks for all the hard work and making it so much fun. Really built some great business relationships over this trip!”

“Everyone did an amazing job and I couldn’t suggest more than what was achieved. These were trips that the customer will long remember.”

“We love partnering with you all. It gives us peace of mind.”

“You guys really are the best! Honestly, I had a comment from one of our attendees that said “I feel like if I said I want butterflies here right now – they could make it happen.” I think that is a correct statement. You guys always make it happen. You all worked so hard to make everyone comfortable and for everything to run smoothly.”

“Can’t wait to go on the next trip. Please schedule it soon so I can start earning my points towards it again.”

“Super job – top to bottom, we had a great time!!”

“The staff and accommodations were excellent.”

“Meeting planners continues to amaze me with their execution of meetings!”

“This was an excellent venue. The hotel, staff and food were excellent. This was one of the very best.”

“The event staff that helps coordinate the outside activities is great… always helpful and it is nice to see the same faces. They all do a wonderful job.”

“It was a great trip. The Dine Around dinner was outstanding… Great trip!”

“You guys Rock! This is a great program.”

“We very much enjoyed ourselves due to the people, staff and location.”

“Our customers had a blast. Gets better every year!”

“You guys went over the top with this trip. Great Job!! Thanks again for the trip!”

“It was awesome thank you for doing such a great job.”

“It was an amazing trip. My wife and I had a spectacular time. We were very happy how organized everything was for us. Great Job!!”

“This trip was absolutely amazing. My expectations were blown away!”

“Loved the incentive trip. The location was amazing, and I appreciate the opportunity to go. Everything was top notch from start to finish.”

“Originally, Whistler wasn’t really a place my wife and I would have travelled to… especially in late July. However, afterwards, our feelings changed…dramatically. My wife and I truly enjoyed this location as a summer destination. We know it would be amazing in the winter too which is what makes Whistler..well Whistler.”

“Always a very nice and well-done trip. There is really nothing to say other than it was fantastic!”

“The food choices and quality at this meeting were fantastic and many reps that I had spoken to commented on that as well.”

“We are very lucky to have you all on the team so dedicated to making this meeting perfection!”

“As you know, with so many moving parts it takes a very strong, collaborative effort. This program was very complex and we know that we asked a lot from each of you – thanks for taking it all in positive stride and working so hard.”